Our Team

Hybrid Group is exclusively made from business-minded and experienced entrepreneurs, trusted & established marketing partners that we know get results. No more wasting time and thousands of dollars on empty agency promises, while students and underlings run through checklists. 

You work directly with the professionals.

Inhouse, we provide website development, business consulting & coaching, crypto and blockchain education for Web3 strategies, blockchain or NFT projects support. Our partners (all located in North America) specialize in professional digital marketing services such Google Ads, Social Media, Videography & Photography, Copywriting and Graphic Design.

An entrepreneur at heart and a sales & marketing manager by trade, Jeff loves to dive into the crux of every business owners’ driving force to understand where they see themselves in the future. Also provides business strategy support, as well as Web3, crypto & blockchain education in an easy to understand format for beginners.

Jon Delcaro

Jon is a professional website designer and graphic artist who is fluent in Bitcoin and all things crypto and blockchain technology. In addition to understanding clients’ needs, he builds solutions that are both functional and beautiful. If you have a Web3 project, blockchain technology-based project or NFT project to discuss, Jon’s your man.

Mechelle Ipsen

Consulting, market research, business planning & strategy. Mechelle is a seasoned HR professional with 30 years of experience in the field. She has a knack for developing and implementing systems that will grow your business, or get you on the right path for your startup. 

Zach Moodie

Zach has over 15 years of experience in web design and development. While balancing both client needs and functionality, Zach brings eye-catching designs with a pragmatic approach. This further enhances the companies aesthetic, to aid in future growth. Zach also provides consulting and perspective on crypto, NFT and blockchain projects.